Swedish coastal skin care brand L:a Bruket´s new Flagship store in Tokyo opened its doors to the public on Saturday the 14th of April. The brand shop will be run by the Japanese distributor of this fast-growing Swedish natural organic brand.

Talking to CEO Mats Johansson he reveals the brand feels there is a strong connection between the mentality of the two countries when it come to a holistic way of looking at skin care. He says; “The Japanese are interested in our core values and curious about the way we relate to our ingredients and products and the roll they can play in a modern urban life situation”.

Why Japan? Mats Johansson continues; “Strategically, Japan is also a leading market in Asia that affects the entire region, so it is important for us to take a market position there”.

The idea of the store is to offer an opportunity to fully experience the brand´s products and the concept. Mats Johansson means it is extremely important for consumers and buyers to understand what quality level is used in L:a Bruket´s products and what distinctive experience they can create. It is also the first store that has treatment rooms which gives an opportunity to demonstrate, educate buyers and retailers as well as offer treatments to customers. It should act as a display window against the market and build trust in the brand.

The ground floor offers a full range L:a Bruket store including treatment spaces. Top floor of the shop hosts a hair salon with treatment rooms each surrounded by glass walls. An exciting detail is the glass walls will be frosted with just a push on a button showing off Japanese technology at its finest.

A unique Spa facility for our four legged friends – dogs of all shapes and sizes – can be found outside the entrance of the store.

The interior of the shop and hair salon holds details like a wooden jetty, lamps made of driftwood and walls of glass – all to symbolise the water and nature of the Swedish coast.

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