Natural grooming products made from the finest ingredients. A complete calming and nourishing shave and care routine that will result in smoother, healthier skin and richer looking beard. To ensure that your skin stays calm and to avoid irritation and red lumps, laurel leaf and cedarwood has been added due to their cleansing, calming and bacteriostatic properties. To top that up we have also added bergamot for its cooling and slightly exfoliating effect.




No 154 Beard Wash Laurel leaf
For those with a beard we offer a mild and cleansing beard wash with nourishing and protecting properties. Use it every second to third day. Pump the beard wash in the palm of your hand and massage it through your wet beard. Rinse with warm water. Dry by squeezing your beard with a towel.



No 145 Shaving cream Laurel leaf
An easy to apply thin and oily shave cream that softens the hairs, makes them easier to cut and allows a really close shave. Reduces friction and irritation. First of all make sure your blade is really razor sharp! Apply the shaving cream on the warm and wet skin and shave in your hairs growth direction.  You will experience this shaving cream has no lather but rather a transparent feel and this is to enable a precision shave. If you prefer to shave with a razor knife or need more time when shaving you can use our No 147 Beard oil as a shave oil by massaging a few drops on the skin before applying the shaving cream for a really close shave.



No 146 After shave balm Laurel leaf
A soothing and cooling after shave balm that moisturises and protects strained skin. Rinse off your skin with cold water, dry gently and apply the calming balm to sooth your skin. Don´t limit to shave areas. You can use also on your skin as a moisturiser.



No 147 Beard oil
An active light beard oil that is quickly absorbed and leaves no traces. It is softening and caring for beard and skin as well as moisturising and detangling. Prevents itching. With a few drops in the palms of your hands, massage the oil into your beard.