Function first

Built on the requirements of living a coastal way of life, we at L:a Bruket know that the results are best shown, never told. Everything we use needs to be simple, durable, considered and above all functional to the end user, you.

Applied to everything from ingredients and product development, to our stores and packaging, we continually work towards solutions that provide uncompromising benefit. Nothing is frivolous or without purpose.

Our notable brown bottles are not only striking, but they are part of our preservation approach designed to protect and extend the shelf life of our natural and organic ingredients. Our scents are designed to be functional not simply perfume as they reflect the beneficial properties of the ingredients in our products.

This practical approach considers the desired result first, and then works backward to identify and create new products and experiences to achieve that result. L:a Bruket constantly sees this approach in other industries and practices today and believe that these like-minded friends should be celebrated.