Coastal way of life

A coastal way of life is one of constant flux. The harsh sun and salt water, along with hard rains and volatile winds shape not only the landscape, but also the people who call this place home. We don’t see this unpredictable life as a battle ground where we try and shut out or tame these forces, instead, we embrace this close relationship. We choose to be shaped by it.
At L:a Bruket we hold this relationship as a guiding principal. From our products and treatments, to stores and experiences, we believe this coastal way of life is for everyone. From fishermen and wave-chasing surfers to city dwellers and globetrotters, people are drawn to the coast for their own reasons.

This close connection means we shun the idea that nature is a force to be dominated, or a force that is absent in these modern times. Instead, this places new demands and challenges on how we work with nature to find solutions that help both sides.
Searching for these solutions continues to inspire and shape L:a Bruket. Check back from time to time to see what we find along the way.