Daily Face Routine A

Daily face routine

We know it’s a struggle to fit even the briefest moment of ‘me-time’ in your day, which is why the L:a Bruket Daily Face Routine is designed to flex and bend. Around your time. Around you. Around whatever you may be up to. Turning that moment of ‘me-time’ into a celebration of you. Designed to suit a range of skin-types, the Routine combines a variety of our products, and is structured to be repeated morning and night. For healthy skin, first and foremost.



No 098 – Cleansing Cream Chamomile / Bergamot

Begin by applying the facial cleanser generously in circular motions, massaging it into your skin for approximately 60 seconds. Rinse with warm water or wipe off with a damp cotton pad. Repeat if necessary until all cleanser is gone.



No 099 – Facial Toner & Refresher Chamomile / Bergamot

Spray the toner directly on your face and neck, or onto a cotton pad and dab to apply. The toner is designed to balance the pH-level of your skin and will pick up the missed traces of makeup or dirt from Step 1. * TIP: The toner doubles – or triples – as a refreshing spray after a hard day in front of the computer or after a long flight when recycled air has done its worst.



No 167 Moisturizing Broccoli Seed Serum

Apply the serum with light pressure and circular motion on each side of the nose and towards the temples then move on to the forehead and chin. For your neck, start under the chin along your jawline and moving down/back along the neck towards your collarbones.

* TIP: Depending on your skin type, you can choose our No 100 Face oil Carrot/Bergamot, blended with or instead of the serum for this step. It all depends on the desired moisturising and nourishing effect you want.



No 168 – Cottonseed Eye Balm

Take a small dab of the eye balm between the tip of your index finger and thumb. Warm it up before you start applying the cream below the eye, from the inner corner outwards toward the temple. Repeat application above the eye from the inner corner under the eyebrow outwards.



No 101 – Facial Cream Carrot/Bergamot

Finally, take a pea sized dab of face cream and warm between your palms. Apply from the nose with gentle strokes outwards toward your temples. Use the same procedure on the forehead and finish with your chin, jawbone, neck and neckline.

*TIP: For dry or sensitive skin, blend our facial cream and face oil directly in the palm before application. This will give you a richer and longer lasting moisturising effect.